Bike Repair Tools Start From Now On, Why Not?

Today many people choose to live healthy by riding road bike to go everywhere. It’s a good way that can make you sweat and happy in the same time. Not only cycling the repair tools is incredibly important too, particularly for those who really like to cycling and those who really care in maintaining their bike.

Nowadays, you can see many people in many places start to live in a good way by using bicycle to make their life healthier. Why? By cycling, surely you will get your body sweat and healthy, having healthy body definitely will make you feel happier. Besides, there are also other benefits of cycling.

The benefits of cycling

As it said before the main benefit of is it will be good for your body. A few minutes riding the flat bar road bike is as a good as you do an exercise and it will rapidly burn your calories.

It also helps to reduce air pollution at the same time helps from global warming, moreover you can save some money from buying gasoline. Then, by cycling especially in the morning and afternoon, you will enjoy the fresh air on your free time. Those are among the reasons people prefer to cycling compare to riding a motorcycle or driving a car.

However should biking is your main transportation for commuting you have to make sure to keep your bicycle in condition that it able to perform it is most performance and ride comfortably, it is highly recommended that you to have repair tools and it will be good if you have the complete set of the tools.

Why you need to have bike repair tools?

Some people perhaps do care with what they own, but unfortunately some does not really care in keep maintaining their properties. But, you surely will know and understand of the risk should you are not able to maintain your things well. This apply the same your bicycle, let alone if you use it for your daily needs.

So what are the advantages of having bicycle repair tools. Firstly you will be able to maintain your bike well and the same time you will feel safer and confident to use it for daily. Also, the tools are very useful should you in emergency condition. Just imagine if your bike is suddenly broken up in the middle of your way, what will you feel first? You must be panic, right? The tools definitely can be your live saving. Instead of it, you can save money since the maintenance of your bike is affordable and cheaper than motorbike or car, isn’t?

You can even fix the bike easily without bringing it to mechanic. If you don’t know using them properly, you can get the guideline on how to use the tools in a correct manners.

Can the tools be used for any kinds of bikes? Yes, sure they do. They are totally useful and can be used for every kind of bike you have, particularly it will be good for your mountain bike and which it needed more maintenance since the nature of it usage on the rough path thus make it requires extra care to ensure your safety and feel comfortable when you ride it.


King Of FlatLand (KOF)

If you were riding Flatland between 1987 and 1993 and lived in New England or Quebec then you certainly knew about KOF!

Already 30 years have past since the start of KOF! One of the finest Flatland events in North-America put on by John Cote and his family. These events were the greatest staging place for flatlanders to meet, progress and compete from all parts of New England & Canada. During that time we made many trips up and down i89 from Montreal, the scene was big then and this was the place to be!

Those that came down from Montreal were legendary riders Marc Pilon & Mike Pilon from the Pioneers BMX Trick Team along with Peter Domanski, Kevin Carroll and Denny Stamos.

For this event Kieran Chapman put together a collection of his zines from Radazine & Wire along with a 108 minute dvd collection!.

Fast forward 25+ years and most people have stopped riding or ride on occasion, for some they never stopped and they can still pull some really good stuff at 40+. I was really impressed with the skills of some of the veteran riders! Like Scottt Denoncourt who took first place, at 40 he teared it up and busted his signature high speed roll aid and elbow glide. Not only did he do a great run but he did it on the same old school Haro Master from the day! Way to go Scott!

Other great riders present was Dave Alder, his skills were great, pulled alot of old school stuff. Very consistent! Rich Upjohn aka Spike! still had it, pulling all his old tricks it was great to see him.  Greg Macomber was also there pulling some great stuff, good job dude!

Well thats not a very detailed write-up but in leaving i must say that this event was motivating and i certainly hope the Cote’s will keep this going again, if not a full event then a reunion/jam would be awesome every year.

I for some reason did not get pictures of everyone so below are some selected pics of what i did get, enjoy!


Steve Kiander


Kieran Chapman

cedar_1bScott Denoncourt


Darren Pelio


Jimmy Cavanaugh


Gabe Kadmiri


Sean Maher


Denny Stamos


Marc Pilon


Kevin Carroll


Mike Pilo